Warren Darling

Human Physiology
End Degree: 
Ph.D., Physiology
University of Western Ontario
E102 FH
Motor Control, Biomechanics, Anatomy

Research Interests

Dr. Darling’s research focuses on control of upper limb movements and recovery of hand/digit fine motor function after brain injury. The overall research goals are to understand: (1) mechanisms underlying recovery of fine hand/digit movement control after brain injury, (2) effects of exercise on fine hand/digit movement control and cognitive function in individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and (3) fine hand/digit movement control in elderly individuals. (4) how the brain processes visual, vestibular and proprioceptive information to specify location, orientation and motion of objects and the upper limb in young and elderly subjects.

Recent Publications

Darling, W.G., Pizzimenti, M.A., Rotella, D.L., Hynes, S.M., Ge, J., Stilwell-Morecraft, K.S., Vanadurongvan, T., McNeal, D.W., Solon, K.M., Morecraft, R.J. (2010) Minimal forced use without constraint stimulates spontaneous use of the impaired upper extremity following motor cortex injury. Experimental Brain Research 202:529-542.pdf

McNeal, D.W., Darling W.G., Ge J., Stilwell-Morecraft, K.S., Solon, K., Hynes, S.M., Pizzimenti, M.A., Rotella, D, Morecraft, R.J. (2010) Selective Long-term Reorganization of the Corticospinal Projection from the Supplementary Motor Cortex following Recovery from Lateral Motor Cortex Injury. Journal of Comparative Neurology 518:586-621 pdf

Darling, W.G., Pizzimenti, M.A., Rotella, D.L., Peterson, C.R., Hynes, S.M., Ge, J., Solon, K., McNeal, D.W., Stilwell-Morecraft, K.S., Morecraft, R.J. (2009) Volumetric effects of motor cortex injury on (recovery of dexterous movements. Experimental Neurology 220:90-108* pdf

Darling, W.G., Viaene, A.N., Peterson, C.R., Schmiedeler, J.P. (2008) Perception of hand motion direction uses a gravitational reference. Experimental Brain Research 186:237-248. pdf

Pizzimenti MA, Darling WG, Rotella DL, Herrick JL, Ge J, McNeal DW, Stilwell-Morecraft KS, Morecraft RJ (2007) Measurement of Reaching Kinematics and Prehensile Dexterity before and after lesion of cortical arm motor areas in Non-Human Primates. Journal of Neurophysiology 98:1015-1029 pdf

Ethier, C., Brizzi, L., Darling, W.G., Capaday, C. (2006) Linear Summation of Cat Motor Cortex Outputs. Journal of Neuroscience 26:5574-5581 (correction published in J. Neurosci 26:6115) pdf

Darling, W.G., Wolf, S.L., Butler, A.J. (2006) Variability of Motor Evoked Potentials Induced by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Depends on Muscle Activation. Experimental Brain Research 174:376-385. pdf

Current Grant Funding

NIH RO1: NS46367 “Mechanisms of recovery following subtotal brain injury” (role: co-investigator, subcontract PI; 2009-2013

VA Merit Grant: The effects of fitness on Parkinson’s Disease. (role: co-investigator; 2009-2012)

NIH R21: NS067189 Acquisition and retention of locomotor adaptations after stroke. (role: co-investigator; 2010-2012)

MS Foundation of Canada: Locomotor rehabilitation in MS with neuromuscular stimulation, exercise and nutrition. (role: co-investigator; 2010 – 2012)