Kelly Cole

Interim Department Chair & Associate Professor
Human Physiology
End Degree: 
Ph.D., Speech Science (Emphasis in Neuroscience)
The University of Wisconsin-Madison
N422 FH
Motor Control (Control of Human Movement)

Courses Taught

27:160 Motor Control I: Neural Bases
27:117 Human Growth and Motor Development
27:314 Seminar in Motor Control
27:029:002 First-Year Seminar: Getting to Carnegie Hall: Myths and facts about learning motor skills

Research Interests

Dr. Cole investigates the neural control of the human hand during health, old age, and disease/injury. Presently, he focuses on the sensorimotor mechanisms that control the three-dimensional fingertip forces during skilled grasp and manipulation. The contributions of tactile information, vision, and memory to this control are of particular interest.

Recent Publications

Cole, K.J. (2008). Lifting a familiar object: visual size analysis, not memory for object weight, scales lift force. Exp. Brain Res. 188:551-557.

Cole, K.J. (2009). The effects of ageing on sensorimotor control of the hand. In: Sensorimotor Control of Grasping: Physiology and Pathophysiology (Eds. J. Hermsdoerfer and D. Nowak), Cambridge University Press.

Cole, K.J. (2009) Motor Control and Motor Learning. In: Exploring Exercise Science (Ed. G. Wilson), McGraw-Hill, New York, NY, pp. 75-92.

Cole, K.J., Cook, K.M., Hynes, S. and Darling, W.G. (2010). Slowing of Dexterous Manipulation in Old Age: Additional Evidence from the ‘Nut-and-Rod’ Task, Exp. Brain Res. 201:239–247