Global Health Studies Certificate

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in conjunction with the Graduate College offers a certificate in Global Health Studies to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. The Global Health Studies certificate program is a stimulating interdisciplinary program, requiring 18 semester hours of study and an international experience during which students address an important global health issue in a systematic way. The program helps prepare students for advanced work or careers in global health.


The primary objectives of the Global Health Studies certificate program are to provide:

  • An understanding of related global health phenomena including infectious and chronic diseases, nutrition, changing demographics, public health and health care systems, global climate change, natural disasters, and environmental and sustainability issues.
  • An institutional focus where students and faculty from different departments, colleges, and disciplines can meet on the common ground of shared interests in global health.
  • An introduction to the international field experience that is often needed to be competitive when seeking a career in global health.


Admission to the Global Health Studies certificate program is competitive and available both to undergraduate students currently enrolled at the University of Iowa who are completing a degree program, and to graduates of Iowa and other accredited institutions. Successful candidates will be in good academic standing and demonstrate an interest in, and understanding of, the field of global health.

Applications for the Global Health Studies certificate are accepted on a rolling basis during the academic year.  Please contact the Global Health Studies academic advisor with questions about the certificate or the application process.

For the Global Health Studies Certificate Application for Admission go to Forms/How-To.


Certificate Requirements

Global Health Studies Certificate Academic Advising Worksheet

  • UI undergraduates must complete a degree program in order to be granted a Global Health Studies certificate.
  • Students must maintain a mean G.P.A. of 3.00 or higher in the 18 s.h. of coursework for the certificate.
  • Students must earn at least 15 s.h. of credit for the certificate in advanced courses taken at the University of Iowa.
  • A maximum of 3 s.h. of independent study, study abroad, or internship credit may be applied toward the 18 s.h. required for the certificate.
  • All coursework completed for the certificate must be graded, with the exception of graduate student independent study hours.
  • Students may obtain retroactive credit toward the certificate for coursework completed up to two years previous to entering the program.

Summary of Requirements (total 18 s.h.):