C. Tom Foster

High temperature reaction kinetics and material transport, metamorphic petrology, Colorado Proterozoic tectonics, metamorphosed ore deposits, fossil shape analysis, modeling geological processes.

Müller, T., Baumgartner, L.P.,Foster, C.T.,  Bowman, J.R. (2009) Crystal size distribution (CSD) of periclase in contact metamorphic dolomite marbles from the southern Adamello Massif, Italy.  Journal of Petrology, v.50, p. 451-465.

Dale H. Burns

As the manager of the Electron Microprobe Laboratory, my duties include developing and testing new analytical procedures, monitoring and maintaining data quality, training new and returning users, machine maintenance, interacting with industry clientele to develop projects and provide analytical support, and collaborating with faculty, staff, and students to develop and conduct research projects.

Ingrid Ukstins Peate

My research involves utilizinging a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding explosive volcanic systems - magma petrogenesis, eruption and emplacement mechanisms of both mafic and silicic pyroclastic deposits, and the holistic interpretation of volcanic stratigraphic sequences containing effusive, explosive and reworked volcanic material.

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