Hydrology and Geomorphology

You-Kuan Zhang

Subsurface hydrology, watershed hydrology, ecohydrology, field observation and modeling flow and contaminant transport in soil and aquifers, analytical, numerical, geostatistical, and stochastic methods in subsurface hydrology.

Zhang, Y.-K. and Schilling, K. 2005. Temporal Variations and Scaling of Streamflow and Baseflow and their Nitrate-Nitrogen Concentrations and Loads, Adv. in Water Resour.,  28, p. 701-719, doi:10:1016/j.advwatres.2004.12.014.

Adam Ward

My work is in quantifying the transport of water, energy, and nutrients through hydrological landscapes, and the ecological implications of these fluxes.

Jeffrey Dorale

Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology, Global change. The use of isotopic and elemental tracers and chronometers to reconstruct past environmental conditions.

Dorale, J.A. and Liu, Z., 2009.  Limitations of Hendy test criteria in judging the paleoclimatic suitability of speleothems and the need for replication.  Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 71, 73-80.

E Arthur Bettis III

Reconstruction of past landscapes and environments using data gleaned from physical and geochemical studies of deposits and soils. I use these reconstructions in a variety of applications including documenting rates of dust flux during the last glacial period, understanding conditions controlling the peopling of southeast Asia by hominins, landscape-scale geoarchaeology, and restoration strategies for rivers and streams.

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