Kelli Parsons

Kelli Parsons
Graduate Student
B.S. in Geology (2011) University of Iowa
B.S. in Environmental Science - Hydroscience (2011) University of Iowa
115 TH
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Soil Erosion, Chronology, Geomorphology

I am a born-and-raised Iowa City native, and received my Undergraduate degrees in Geology and Hydroscience in 2011 from the University of Iowa.  After graduating, I took two years off from academics to work various seasonal positions: I described rock core on the Bering Land Bridge in Alaska, I was a Wildlife Tech for the Iowa DNR, and finally a Hydrogeology intern in rural Oregon for the US Forest Service.  All of these experiences led me back to the University of Iowa to work towards a Masters degree.  

My Masters work under Art Bettis part of a much larger network called the Critical Zone Observatory, a NSF funded project with sites across the United States.  Within various CZO's, we look to answer questions related to the critical zone on earth that sustains life - air, soil, water, and rock.  My part of this puzzle focuses on the soils in intensely managed agricultural landscapes like those found in Iowa.  We are looking at how the conversion of land from prairie (pre-human settlement) to farmland (post-human settlement) has affected the volume and timing of Post Settlement Alluvium (PSA) soil being deposited on the landscape. 

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Kelli Parsons
Kelli Parsons
Kelli Parsons