The University of Iowa

Holmes Semken

Holmes Semken
Professor Emeritus
(319) 335-1830
120C TH
Research Interests: 
Vertebrate Paleontology

Quaternary vertebrate paleontology with emphasis on the paleoecology of Pleistocene and Holocene micromammals, zooarchaeology of archaeological sites on the northern Great Plains.

Semken, Holmes A., Jr., Russell W. Graham and Thomas W. Stafford, Jr. 2010.  AMS 14C analysis of Late Pleistocene non-analog faunal components from 21 cave deposits in southeastern North America. Quaternary International 217: 240-255.

May, David W.  Matthew G. Hill, Adam C. Holven, Thomas J. Loebel, David J. Rapson, Holmes A. Semken, Jr., and James W. Theler. 2008. Geoarchaeology of the Clary Ranch Paleoindian sites, western Nebraska. In: Roaming the Rocky Mountains and Environs (Robert. G. Reynolds, (Ed.) Geological Society America Field Guide 10:265-294.

Work, Paula T., Holmes A. Semken, Jr and Richard G. Baker. 2005. Pollen, plant macrofossils, and microvertbrates from mid-Holocene alluvium in east-central Iowa, USA: Comparative taphonomy and paleoecology,   Paleoecology, Paleogeography and Paleoclimatology 233; 204-211.