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Diar Ibrahim

Diar Ibrahim
Graduate Student
B.S. in Geology (2003) Salahaddin University, Kurdistan Region-Iraq. Masters in Petroleum Geology-Reservoir Characterization (2008) Salahaddin University, Kurdistan Region-Iraq
135A TH
Research Interests: 
Basin Analysis and Petroleum Exploration

I grew up in Erbil City, the capital of Kurdistan Region, Iraq. I have earned my first degree in Geology at College of Science, Geology Department, Salahaddin University-Hawler. I then worked as a TA for consecutive two years at the same department until I got accepted in the Masters Program. I got my Masters degree in the Petroleum Geology, Reservoir Characterization of Jeribe Formation (Middle-Miocene) in Tawke Oil Field-Zakho, where the first oil well was drilled back in 2007 in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. I spent a couple years working in both petroleum industry and academia until I got governmental scholarship to pursue my study towards PhD.

Currently, I’m working on my PhD, focusing on the evolution of Iowa Basin which is considered as a one of the North America’s Mid-Continent Intracratonic Basins where the Middle Ordovician Ancell Group is sitting at the base of the Sauk-Tippecanoe sequence boundary in which represents a significant economic objective for most north-central Intracratonic Basins of North America. Also, I’m applying sequence stratigraphic concept and its application on the Ordovician package; trying to understand the stratigraphic architecture of Iowa Basin. In my study, I integrate several data sets such as cores, wireline logs, 2D seismic profiles, subsurface geology, outcrops and sequence stratigraphy of the Ordovician succession; trying to document the thickness variations laterally and vertically; source of the sediments; provenance using U-Pb geochronology and the interplay of the tectonic versus the eustacy sea level across the basin to support my argument.