The University of Iowa

Adam Ward

Adam Ward
Assistant Professor
PhD, Penn State University, 2011
MS, Michigan Technological University, 2006
BS, Michigan Technological University, 2005
(319) 353-2079
36A TH
Research Interests: 
Hydrology, Hydrogeophysics, Hydroecology

My work is in quantifying the transport of water, energy, and nutrients through hydrological landscapes, and the ecological implications of these fluxes.  I seek to understand how hydrological connections between streams, their landscapes, and their aquifers control biogeochemical processes and ecosystem function, particularly the transport and fate of compounds in the environment.  I use a combination of field-based experiments, environmental observation, and numerical modeling to quantify couplings between physical, biological, and chemical systems, and apply this knowledge to predict water quantity, water quality, and ecosystem responses to changes in key drivers including land use change, land management activities, and climate change. For details about specific projects, see the personal website linked above.