Junyoung Verónica Kim

Veronica Kim
Assistant Professor
426 PH
Office Hours: 
3:20 - 4:50 T
10:50 - 12:20 Th

Junyoung Verónica Kim is Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at the University of Iowa, specializing in twentieth and twenty-first century Latin American narratives and cultures. Her research interests include modern and contemporary Latin American literature, Latin American and Korean cinema, cultural studies, critical race and gender studies, and immigration history.  She has published articles on Latin American literary studies, Asian immigration in Latin America, as well as on the impact of globalization on New Wave Latin American cinema. Her book in progress, Asia/Latin America: The Politics of Area Studies, explores the cultural and migratory flows between Latin America and Asia by looking at literature, cinema, and Asian immigration history in Latin America.  Her current research expands this project by focusing on Orientalism in contemporary Latin American literature. She received a Ph.D. in Latin American Literature with a minor in Comparative Literature from Cornell University.