Name Area Title Office Phone
Aron Aji MFA in Literary Translation Director of MFA in Literary Translation 628 PH 319-353-2203
Maria José Barbosa Portuguese Professor 451 PH 319-335-2988
Anna Barker Russian Adjunct Assistant Professor, Russian Literature 123-E PH 319-353-2197
Douglas C. Baynton ASL Associate Professor 322 Schaeffer Hall (319) 335-2300 (V)
Cinzia Blum Italian Professor, Chair of the Department of French and Italian, Associate Director, Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures 551 PH 319-335-2268
Becky Bohde LMC Instructional Services Specialist 116A PH 319-335-2334
Amber Brian Spanish Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies 457 PH 319-335-2231
Horacio Castellanos Moya Spanish Assistant Professor 471 PH 319-335-3567
Fernando Castro Ortiz Spanish Lecturer 428 PH 319-335-2822
Yongtao Chen Chinese Confucius Institute - Visiting Instructor from 2014 to 2015 653 PH 319-353-2153
Deborah Contrada Italian Associate Professor, Dir. of Undergrad Italian Studies 510 PH 319-335-2257
Anny Dominique Curtius French Associate Professor of Francophone Studies, Co-Director of the Caribbean, Diaspora and Atlantic Studies Program; Director of the Working Group 'Circulating Cultures' at the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies 555 PH 319-335-2261
Roxanna Curto French Assistant Professor 573 PH 319-335-2274
Hiroko Czuprynski Japanese Lecturer, Japanese Language 666 PH 319-353-2201
Front Desk DWLLC 111 PH 319-335-2923
Emilie Destruel Johnson French Assistant Professor of French 514 PH 319-335-2265
Maria A. Duarte Portuguese Associate Professor 408 PH 319-335-0633
Aniruddha Dutta Hindi Assistant Professor 401 JB 319-335-0035
Glenn Ehrstine German Associate Professor of German and International Studies 575 PH 319-335-2276
Sarah Fagan German Professor of German 526 PH 319-335-2284
Ana Esther Fernández Spanish Lecturer 477 PH 319-335-2256
Denise K. Filios Spanish Associate Professor 418 PH 319-335-3451
Claire Fox Spanish Associate Professor 476 EPB 319-335-0454
Rebecca Furland ASL Lecturer 674 PH (319) 384-1533 (V)
Russell Ganim DWLLC Director of Division of World Languages, Interim DEO of Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Interim DEO of German Department 111-A PH 319-335-2923
Russell Ganim DWLLC Director of Division of World Languages, Interim DEO of Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures, Interim DEO of German Department 111-A PH 319-335-2923
Dénes Gazsi Arabic Assistant Professor of Arabic 520 PH 319-335-2279
Blandina Giblin Swahili Lecturer of Swahili 569 PH 319-335-3612
Carolyn Goddard (Retired) LMC Instructional Services Specialist (Retired)
Brian Gollnick Spanish Associate Professor 683 PH 319-384-1530
Sabine Gölz German Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature 659 PH 319-335-2281
Wendelin Guentner French Professor 557 PH 319-335-2259
Elizabeth Guzmán Spanish Director of the Spanish General Education Program 303 PH 319-335-2173
David V. Hagan French Visiting Assistant Professor of French 522 PH 319-335-2273
Denise Hamer DWLLC Division Course Management/Assistant to the Director 111-B PH 319-353-2206
Freeman Harper ASL Lecturer 675 PH (712) 587-8858 (VP)
Elke Heckner German Visiting Assistant Professor 574 PH 319-353-2222
Kendall Heitzman Japanese Assistant Professor, Japanese Literature and Culture 657 PH 319-335-5104
Geoffrey R. Hope French Professor 565 PH 319-335-2258
Eriko Ike Japanese Visiting Instructor, Japanese Language 632 PH 319-335-2315
Brianna Janssen Sánchez LMC Instructional Services Specialist 116D PH 319-335-2333
Deanna Johnson Spanish Lecturer 479 PH 319-335-3207
Jack Johnson French Lecturer of French 559 PH 319-335-2266
Greg Johnson LMC Information Technology Support Consultant Specialist 116B PH 319-335-2336
Kiyomi Kawakami Japanese Lecturer, Japanese Language 671 PH 319-353-2202
Chuanren Ke Chinese Professor of Chinese & Applied Linguistics 626 PH 319-335-2156
Paula Kempchinsky Spanish Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies 410 PH 319-335-2237
Junyoung Verónica Kim Spanish Assistant Professor 426 PH 319-335-2771
Irina Kostina Russian Senior Lecturer in Russian; Academic Coordinator of Russian Program 634 PH 319-335-0171
Kirsten E. Kumpf Baele German Visiting Assistant Professor of German 519 PH 319-353-2221
Michel S. Laronde French Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Honors Program, and Study Abroad 563 PH 319-335-2264
Tom Lewis Spanish Professor and Collegiate Fellow 111-E PH 319-335-2244
Duan Li Chinese Confucius Institute - Visiting Instructor from 2014 to 2015 653 PH 319-335-2153
Katja Liimatta Italian Lecturer of Italian 469 PH 319-335-2267
Judith Liskin-Gasparro Spanish Associate Professor 453 PH 319-335-2248
Matt Lively DWLLC Graduate Student Academic Coordinator 111-D PH 319-335-2245
Irene Lottini Italian Lecturer of Italian 509 PH 319-353-2213
Philip A. Lutgendorf Hindi Professor of Hindi and Modern Indian Studies 667 PH 319-335-2157
Waltraud Maierhofer German Professor of German 579 PH 319-335-2114
Pilar Marcé Spanish Lecturer 473 PH 319-335-3148
Luis Martín-Estudillo Spanish Associate Professor 416 PH 319-335-2229
AmyRuth McGraw ASL Lecturer, Director of Undergraduate Studies 677 PH (319) 335-0247 (V)
Beth Mellinger DWLLC Division Accountant 123-A PH 319-353-2190
Adriana Méndez Rodenas Spanish Professor 123-D PH 319-335-2230
Ana Merino Spanish Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Director of MFA 123-F PH 319-335-2232
Margaret H. Mills Russian Professor of Russian Language & Linguistics 638 PH 319-335-2848
Beatrice Mkenda Swahili Lecturer of Swahili 570 PH 319-353-2224
Yasemin Mohammad German Assistant Professor 512 PH 319-335-2280
Regina Morato Portuguese Adjunct Instructor 465 PH 319-335-1443
Luis Muñoz Spanish Visiting Associate Professor 420 PH 319-335-3452
Kristine Muñoz Spanish Professor 257 BCSB 319-353-2264
Kelly Neppl ASL Lecturer 674 PH (319) 335-1717 (V)
Kathleen E. Newman Spanish Associate Professor, Liaison for Crossing Borders Fellowship Program 414 PH 319-335-1823 (PH) / 319-335-2827 (AJB)
Mercedes Niño-Murcia Spanish Professor, DEO of the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Associate Director, Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures 463 PH 319-335-1085
Yumiko Nishi Japanese Assistant Professor, Japanese Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition 663 PH 319-335-2159
Hironori Nishi Japanese Lecturer, Japanese Language 668 PH 319-353-2967
Bruce Nottingham-Spencer German Lecturer of German 567 PH 319-335-2283
Laura Nüffer Japanese Visiting Assistant Professor, Japanese Literature and Culture 556 PH 319-335-0371
Julia Oliver Rajan Spanish Lecturer 477 PH 319-335-2256
Elena Osinskaya DWLLC Language Initiatives Manager 111-F PH 319-384-3594
Sue Otto LMC Adjunct Associate Professor, Director of the Language Media Center 116C PH 319-335-2332
Joung-A Park Korean Visiting Instructor 554 PH 319-384-1280
Ivan Parra-Garcia Spanish Lecturer 475 PH 319-335-2255
Merry Powell DWLLC Administrative Services Coordinator 123-B PH 319-335-3402
Roland Racevskis French Professor 571 PH 319-335-2252
Yasmine Ramadan Arabic Assistant Professor of Arabic 518 PH 319-335-2247
Maureen Robertson Chinese Associate Professor of Chinese and Comparative Literature 624 PH / W209 AJB 319-335-2154 / 319-335-2821
Ana M. Rodríguez-Rodríguez Spanish Associate Professor and Study Abroad Advisor 422 PH 319-384-1940
Ariana Ruiz Spanish Assistant Professor 459 PH 319-335-2242
Claudia Sartini-Rideout Italian Lecturer of Italian 507 PH 319-353-2212
Rosemarie Scullion French Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies 467 PH 319-335-2262
Arne Seim Italian Lecturer of Italian 509 PH 319-353-2213
Christine Shea Spanish Assistant Professor and Honors Advisor 412 PH 319-335-2795
Timothy W. Sheets ASL Lecturer 672 PH (319) 855-7139 (VP)
Helen H. Shen Chinese Professor of Chinese, Coordinator of the Chinese Program 661 PH 319-335-2314
Frederick M. Smith Sanskrit Professor of Sanskrit and Classical Indian Literature 318 GILH 319-335-2178
Jitka Sonkova Czech Lecturer in Czech 636 PH 319-335-1278
Gillian Steele Spanish Adjunct Instructor, Assistant to the Director of the Spanish General Education Program 303 PH 319-335-2241
Downing A. Thomas French Associate Provost and Dean, International Programs Professor 1111-C UCC 335-0373
Oleg Timofeyev Russian Adjunct Assistant Professor 523 PH
Steven Ungar French Professor W225 AJB 319-335-1452
Newell Ann Van Auken Chinese Visiting Assistant Professor in Chinese 629 PH 319-353-2193
Heidi Van Auken DWLLC Division Administrator 111-C Phillips Hall 319-335-2235
Robert Vizzini, or "Vizz" ASL Lecturer 673 PH (712) 587-8312 (VP)
Ruth Westfall Spanish Lecturer 428 PH 319-335-2822
Jaeseung Yang Korean Visiting Scholar 121 PH 319-353-2188
Sang-Seok Yoon Korean Lecturer; Coordinator of the Korean Language Program 669 PH 319-353-2204
Armando Zavaleta Spanish Visiting Assistant Professor 465 PH 319-335-1443
Xiaoyuan Zhao Chinese Lecturer, Chinese language 630 PH 319-335-2155