Dr. Avijit Ghosh Lecture: "Is There a Crisis in Higher Education?"

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C107 Pappajohn Business Building
Friday, September 9, 2011 at 3:30 PM

EVENT VIDEO. This lecture and presentation lasts 58 minutes, and there are an additional 15  minutes of questions and answers at the end. Please begin this video with your volume at a low level and then adjust it as needed. More videos are available in our video-on-demand collection.



In this video, Dr. Avijit Ghosh presents a lecture on the question, "Is There a Crisis in Higher Education?" Dr. Ghosh is currently at the University of Illinois serving as Vice President of Technology & Economic Development, and also a Professor of Business Administration in the College of Business. Topics covered in this video include:

  • The economic value of a college education to the individual.
  • A decline in the public attitudes about higher education institutions.
  • The affordability of higher education.
  • The rising cost of tuition.
  • Delivering more with less.
  • Retention problems. Why 76% of undergraduates don't graduate in 4 years, and only 54% graduate after 6 years.
  • Declining access to higher education for the economically challenged.
  • Trends in state and federal funding of public education.
  • Questions & Answers
  • (1) Are public and private education institutions becoming indistinguishable?
  • (2) As public education institutions receive more money from corporate sources, will they lose autonomy?
  • (3) Are sports programs a viable source of money?
  • (4) Are universities in competition with community colleges?
  • (5) Does online education and hybrid education reduce cost?
  • (6) Are high school AP classes and dual enrollment programs inefficient?
  • (7) What is the social value of education?
  • (8) Is higher education in the US the best in the world?


Department of Geography - University of Iowa


People who record and produce videos sometimes find it helpful to know about the equipment and process used to produce a specific video. This video was recorded by Greg Johnson of the Language Media Center using a Sony HDR-XR100 video camera, and then edited using iMovie '11. When using an internal microphone, it's essential to be as close to the presenter as possible. For this video, the audio was boosted about 300% within iMovie. One of the challenges in recording presentations that include projected visual slides is that the lighting is typically low which creates poorer quality video clarity. The face recognition capabilities of the Sony help to ensure that the presenter's face has proper exposure. Slides and other images were included using the Cutaway feature in iMovie. A 1/2 second Cutaway fade effect was applied manually to create a more gradual transition between slides and the presenter. Presenter slides were exported from PowerPoint and saved as individual JPG images for importing into iMovie. Other images were acquired from the Internet.