Video on Demand

Welcome. As part of the Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (DWLLC), the Language Media Center provides streaming pre-recorded video-on-demand for many University of Iowa sponsored cultural events and presentations related to world languages, literatures, and cultures. Contact Greg Johnson for more information about Video on Demand.

Topics Covered. These videos cover a variety of topics including language teaching, language learning, translation, foreign cinema, foreign language literature, linguistics, language interpreting, foreign culture, and second language acquisition.

Titles Available. Videos are listed below in chronological order with the most recent at top. Please see our statement below regarding captioning and accessibility. Most of the videos below are also available on the DWLLC TV Vimeo Channel. This is currently a small but growing collection.

Video Services. The Language Media Center can provide video recording and production services for DWLLC-related events and presentations. If  you know of an event that should be included, please contact Greg Johnson.

Video Quality. Whenver possible, we try to record in full 1920x1080 HD and create the best quality video recordings possible. However, sometimes venue acoustics and lighting conditions are problematic and make it difficult to produce a high quality recording. It's assumed that those viewing these videos are primarily interested in the content of the message being delivered, and less interested in high production value or special effects. So, our priority is on providing economical videos with a quick turnaround time.

Instructional Usage. Student attendance at some of the events may have originally been required for class credit. They can now be assigned again in future classes.

Academic Benefits. The benefit of these videos to students is that they are able to review events and presentations again for better learning comprehension. Those unable to attend presentations or events will be able to watch later. As the collection grows, instructors are able to provide a broader range of material for students to watch. The cost of flying-in guest presenters and hosting special events can continue to be a benefit beyond the day of an event. Because the videos are not commercially purchased or copyrighted by anyone else, they can be used more freely than if they were constrained by Fair Use guidelines.

Copyright. Because of the nature of these videos, most of their content is copyrighted by the person presenting. When images or PowerPoint slides are used, these are usually the intellectual property of the presenter. No material should be reused without attribution and the concent of a given presenter. The University of Iowa has been given the rights to record and reuse the video content through verbal and written release statements by those recorded.

Captioning and Accessibility. We're excited about the transition to more accessible media online. If you would like any of the above videos made available with captioning (or a transcript), please let us know and we can make that a priority as we begin to develop captions for our current and future media. Because some video content is highly specialized, and not likely to be of interest to a broad public audience, and because the cost of captioning is very high, we may wait for requests to come in before investing in creating captions for some of our older materials.

History. The Video on Demand service was established by Greg Johnson in March of 2011 in response to the rising demand for media-rich web-based content in education. Because 21st century students are increasingly using mobile devices and desiring course-related video content as a means of learning, the video content is made avaialble in a format compatible for viewing on smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and desktops.