Russian Major

For more information about the Russian major, please contact:

Professor Margaret Mills
638 Phillips Hall
(319) 335-2848

Students working toward a BA in Russian must meet the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences general degree requirements and earn at least 31 s.h. in advanced Russian courses. The following courses are required:

ONE of these:

SLAV:3113  Beginning Composition and Conversation I
SLAV:3114  Beginning Composition and Conversation II

BOTH of these sequences:

SLAV:3111-3112  Third-year Russian I and II
SLAV:4111-4112  Fourth-year Russian I and II

FOUR of these:

SLAV:1131  Introduction to Russian Culture
SLAV:1132  Russia Today
SLAV:2122  Cult Films of the Last Soviet Generation
SLAV:2131  Women in Russian Society
SLAV:2531  Topics in Russ/E European/Eurasian Std (REEES)
SLAV:3122  Tolstoy and Dostoevsky
SLAV:3124  Invitation to Nabokov
SLAV:3131  Health Care and Health Reforms in Russia
SLAV:3202  Russian Lit in Translation 1860-1917
SLAV:3221  Twentieth Century Czech Authors
Czech Social and Political History
Russian Language and Civilization
Russian Literature in Film
Russian Literature since 1917
Topics in Russian Language and Civilization II

or THREE of the above-listed courses and a ONE-YEAR sequence of the following Slavic Languages:

041:190/191  First-year Czech I and II
                    Second-year Czech I and II

041:181/182  First-year Croatian/Serbian I and II (as funding is available)
041:183/184  Second-year Croatian/Serbian I and II (as funding is available)

041:121/122  First-year Polish I and II (as funding is available)
041:123/124  Second-year Polish I and II (as funding is available)

Teacher Certification

You can earn a Teaching Certificate in Russian through the College of Education while completing your major. For more information, please visit the College of Education's website. Please direct your questions to Professor Michael Everson.