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19th Century Trade Cards (renamed The Trade Card Place)
Postcard-sized colored cards were handed out by businesses and collected by many customers in special scrapbooks. There are many good examples of trade cards, and animations are used to illustrate folding novelty cards. You may also find articles on trade card history and discussions on the different types of trade cars. See Also: A New and Wonderful Invention: The Nineteenth-Century American Trade Card - a modest sampling of the vast on-site collection at the Harvard Business School Baker Library. Trade Card Collector's Association Trade Cards Collections in Chromolithography (European, in English)
2006 Radio Marketing Guide & Fact Book
A 43-page collection of statistics and information on Radio by the Radio Advertising Bureau.
:30 Second Candidate, The
A PBS documentary supplement that features an historical timeline of U.S. political advertising on TV, a unit on the creation process "From Idea to Ad," and "Tricks of the Trade" on how particular meanings and moods are manipulated. You can also find transcripts of the program.
AC Nielsen Home Page
"ACNielsen Retail Measurement Services capture point-of-sale and causal information from all retail channels, highlighting incremental changes in market dynamics." Also see Nielsen NetRatings - statistics and news about Web advertising.
Ad-Awards is an independent group who selects the best ads on a monthly basis. Public service messages contributed by advertising agencies, including still images, storyboards, video and audio samples.
Ad Critic - All Ads, All the Time
An ambitious collection of television commercials in QuickTime format that aspires to have "practically any ad you have seen on TV." Most content now requires a paid subscription.
Ad Flip
Searchable database of classic print ads from the 1940s through 2000.
Ad Media Net
University of Texas Advertising Media links. Expanded now to become an Electronic Reading Room for Advertising-Related Materials.
Adland - By the adgrunts for the adgrunts
Organizationally a bit chaotic and it doesn't use killer graphics, nonetheless there is plenty of creative content. The site includes: The Commerical Archive, streaming video of over 950 commercials - Ad Rants, a collection of critical articles - Ad Books, a collection of reviews - Badland, a section that displays ads side-by-side, one of them original, the other a rip-off - Advertising Industry News - Links and more.
"Advertising Industry News, Discussion, and Networking … a fresh blog all about advertising. We're snarky, we're smarmy, we discuss advertising news, and we like ducks."
  Ad Week
You have to register and pay fees to gain full access to these combined Adweek, Brandweek and Mediaweek pages. "The goal of our site is to provide comprehensive information to advertising, marketing and media professionals."
Advertising Age
"For more than 60 years Ad Age has presented accurate, thorough, weekly reporting on marketing, advertising and the media."
Advertising Century, The (Advertising Age)
* Top 100 Campaigns * Top 100 People * Top 10 Jingles * Top 10 Slogans * Top 10 Ad Icons * Ad Century Essay * Timeline
Advertising Law and Ethics
"This page provides information, and links to information, about advertising law and ethics. This site is intended to supplement, not replace, the popular Advertising Law Internet Page [above] created by Lewis Rose, at the Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn law firm. Some of the links below are to resources on that site." - Jef I. Richards
Advertising and Material World History
A page in the larger site The Media History Project
Advertising Media Internet Center
"You have to register to visit, but if you're in the advertising or media fields, it's well worth the extra trouble. Advertising industry news and a chat area will make you feel at home, and the Industry Forums are useful for any potential advertiser. The AMIC site is also home to the Advertising Research Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving advertising, marketing, and media research in pursuit of more effective marketing and advertising communications." --Point Communications review
Advertising Page: Media and Communication Studies, U. of Wales
Daniel Chandler of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth puts together great web pages. This one is devoted to advertising.
Advertisements Sampling From Hartman Center Collections (renamed Ad*Access)
Large jpeg reproductions of over three dozen ads from the 1980s and 1990s from the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library
Advertising World - University of Texas
Advertising Agencies on the Internet, Advertising Associations, Advertising Magazines On-Line, Creative and Copy resources, Advertising and Marketing Message Board
American Advertising Federation
AAF and its members currently represent 135 corporations, 220 local ad federations and 210 college chapters.
American Advertising History: A Bibliographic Reference
A bibliographic reference for advertising from the colonial period through "at least the 1970s" (the referenced works are much newer), by Professor Robert A. Rabbe from Marshal University.
American Demographics / Marketing Tools
This is the home site for the Advertising Age publications, American Demographics, Marketing Tools, and marketing industry data.
Analysis of Advertisements
Daniel Chandler, lecturer in Media Theory at the Department of Education in the University of Wales, Aberystwyth produced this guide for his students.
Annual Guide to Advertising Marketing - 2006
Advertising Age's 53-page "2006 Quick Reference Synopsis of the Year's Marketing and Advertising Data." "Total ad spending by media for the largest U.S. advertisers … annual ranking of the nation's media companies by net revenue … Ranks by revenue nearly 500 U.S. agency brands … also ranks by billings the top media specialist companies."
AuditBureau of Circulations
Description of for-fee service which audits/verifies print vehicle audience circulation figures. Also has an index of links to publishers, advertisers, advertising agencies, and other associations of interest to the print media industry.
BADvertising Institute
We are pleased to offer assistance to those who seek to diminish the appalling effects of cigarette advertising on unsuspecting children.
Benetton -Advertising
Everyone talks about Benetton ads, now Benetton does. "All commercial images have a social meaning and an impact. Nobody has done an analysis of the harm done by stupid advertising and its twisted value system." See especially "campaigns" under the "what we say" menu for information and examples of their advertising campaigns.
Cigarette Advertising on TV
Videos of TV ads from the 1950s & 1960s
ClickZ Today
Internet Advertising and marketing news from
Clio Awards
Information on advertising, design, marketing innovation, creativity and the annual Clio Awards International Advertising Festival. Includes industry associations, advertising resources online and selected articles from Adweek and Brandweek.
CommerceNet/Nielsen Internet Demographics Survey
An industry association for Internet Commerce. "Our membership has grown to nearly 150 companies and organizations worldwide. They include the leading banks, telecommunications companies, VANs, ISPs, on-line services, software and services companies, as well as major end-users. Together, we are transforming the net into a global electronic marketplace.
The Commercial Closet
"The Commercial Closet is a unique, non-profit education and journalism project that charts evolving worldwide portrayals of the gay community in the most powerful cultural media of our time – mainstream advertising."
Commercial Speech Digest
A quarterly newsletter from the Media Institute with news and commentary on advertising rights.
Communication Arts
"The world's largest magazine on creativity for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and multimedia designers."
Communication Arts: Exhibit Online
The Latest and Best Examples of Design and Advertising
Culture jamming: the information: war of the 90s
"According to important culture jammers such as Mark Dery, it is an attempt to "jam" the transmissions of our corporate-controlled, media-consumer-industrial complex." -- Steve Mizrach
DigiReels (UK)
"We host an online digital library of 100,000 UK TV, satellite and cinema commercials, dating from the 1950s to last night." Pages are slow to load but once a video has started it seems to run smoothly. Uses RealPlayer (RealOne)
The Emergence of Advertising in America: 1850 to 1920
From the Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library, this database presents over 9,000 images and introductory essays to a large number of categories, including: tobacco ads from 1872-1918, collections from specific companies like Ponds, Lever Brothers, and J. Walter Thompson, a 3,500+ collection of Advertising Ephemera from 1853-1921, and much more. Caution: some of the images don't seem to "work" but trying a different version (resolution) will often work
Gallery of Advertising Parody
So it was natural for us to say "Let's create a site on the Internet where everyone could take a potshot at the "Ads From Hell", the ads we all love to hate.
The Gender Ads Project
"Currently Featuring 1,253 Ads. … The Gender Ads Project is organized in a number of topical areas or tropes of advertising. These are themes that I or others have identified in popular culture and gender." --Scott A. Lukas
Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing History
Duke University's Special Collections Library. The most extensive collection at the Center is the J. Walter Thompson Company Archives, the most comprehensive surviving historical record of any advertising agency. Other holdings include vast files of 19th-20th century advertising, the extensive Wayne P. Ellis Collection of Eastman Kodak Advertising, Sales, and Marketing, and records of the Charles W. Hoyt agency. The web site offers sample images, newsletters sprinkled with more images from the collections and finding aids to the collection.
History of Advertising Trust (HAT)
British organization dedicated to preserving the best of U.K. advertising. The Web site holds only small samples of their library holdings and traveling exhibits, but it is worth the visit anyway.
IEG Network
The source for sponsorship information online. Sponsorship is the world's fastest-growing form of marketing. In 1996, corporations around the globe will spend $13.5 billion sponsoring sports, arts, entertainment, causes and events.
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
British - "The mission of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising is to serve, promote, and anticipate the collective interests of advertising agencies; and in particular to define, develop, and help maintain the highest possible standards of professional practice within the advertising business.
Internet Advertising Report
Daily news coverage of f advertising on the Internet
Internet Advertising Revenue Report (IAB)
"Conducted by the New Media Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP on an ongoing basis… this report aggregates data and information reported … by companies representing thousands of Web sites, in addition to other on-line ad selling companies. All-inclusive, the report includes data reflecting on-line advertising revenues from Web sites, commercial on-line services, e-mail providers, as well as other companies selling on-line advertising."
Insider's Report: Robert Coen Presentation on Advertising Expenditures, June 2006
This 9-page summary presents expected and actual advertising purchases in different media with some comparison of expenditures in a number of countries.
Jim's Burnt Offerings
An excellent collection of antique and modern cigarette and tobacco advertisements and packaging that begins with Victorian trade cards.
Journal of Advertising, The
This academic journal focuses on "the development of advertising theory and its relationship to advertising practices and processes". Abstracts of articles, calls for papers, etc.
Journal of Interactive Advertising
An official online publication of the Departments of Advertising at Michigan State University and The University of Texas at Austin. Abstracts and Full Text.
The Market Research Portal
MRP "offers a host of online resources and research related articles being highly relevant to market research buyers, researchers, newcomers to the industry, students and individuals with an interest in the market research industry."
Media Facts: A Guide to Competitive Media
The Radio Advertising Bureau "gives complete access to the latest information profiling 10 competitive media. Each profile contains a complete whitepaper as well as the advantages, disadantages and plus Radio for each medium."
Media News
News on the media and advertising from Advertising Age
Museum of Advertising Icons
Although the interface is annoying, making the visitor wade through a mountain of preliminary images to get to the goodies, there is a significant collection of advertising toys to be found here.
Old-Time Radio Commercials
The first commercial broadcast in 1922, the first musical commercial from 1926, and other historical sound recordings with background history provided by Danny Goodwin, an avid collector.
Political Advertising Articles and Resources
A collection of links to political advertising web sites and articles.
Poster Italia
"We mainly deal with European posters, in particular with those related to advertisement and cinema. Many of our posters date back to the end of last century, but we also deal with present-day ones."
Powers of Persuasion: Poster Art from World War II
This online exhibit features 33 posters and 1 sound file from a more extensive exhibit that was presented in the National Archives Building in Washington, DC, from May 1994 to February 1995. Like the original, this exhibit is divided into two parts, which represent two psychological approaches used in rallying public support for the war.
Project 2000 (now called eLab)
Project 2000 is a five-year sponsored research effort devoted to the scholarly and rigorous investigation of the marketing implications of commercializing hypermedia computer-mediated environments (CMEs) like the World Wide Web and other emerging electronic environments.
Radio Advertising Bureau Collection - Library of American Broadcasting
Vintage radio digitized for Web listening - a baker's dozen from the 1950s and early 60s.
Radio Savant Productions
Click on "Spots" to hear radio commericals made by this company. Humor is their specialty.
Saturday Morning Commercials - 1960-1970
Smoke Free Movies
A biased, but thorough coverage of the lucrative link between tobacco companies and Hollywood that goes into the details of the multilayered deals that include everyone from the studios and actors down to the property masters. Since this is an advocacy site you will also find high quality reproductions of the Smoke Free Movies ad campaign and a bibliography of scholarly research articles on the topic.
Soda Fountain, The
The primary focus is not advertising -- it's soda pop -- nonetheless there's a lot of information here for people researching advertising of these pervasive drinks.
South Asian Research Centre for Advertisement, Journalism and Cartoons (SARCAJC)
is committed to the study, research and promotion of advertisements, journalism and cartoons on non profit basis. This brings history alive in the most innovative form. Projects related to Indian cartoons, advertisements and journalism during British Raj are being conducted. Kindly view our website for more details.
SRI International
SRI International is an independent, nonprofit corporation chartered by the State of California, performing a broad spectrum of problem-oriented research under contract to government, business, and industry. Among the research conducted here are marketing surveys, the avails consumer stratification studies and public opinion studies.
Stewart Brand on the "gift economy" of the Internet
Interviewed June 15, 1995 in San Francisco, California. Brand is the founder of the WELL, a popular online service in San Francisco, and a pioneer of the electronic frontier. He describes the Internet as a "gift economy" in which success means "giving away content. . . and this is treated as advertising so then what actually do you get paid for? You get paid for other things that emerge later."
Techtonic Webzine, Australia
Techtonic is a Webzine discussion and opinion space about Australian and international television, communications and media, old and new.
University of Texas Advertising World
Resources for advertising & marketing professionals, students, and teachers. The most extensive collection of advertising-related links on the Web!
VALS (Values and Lifestyles) server at SRI International
The Values and Lifestyles (VALS) program at SRI studies consumers by asking questions about their attitudes and values. You can type yourself according to the VALS 2 consumer-segmentation system and see the consumer patterns for people of your "type".
Video Vault
Commercial Icons of the Sixties by Billy Ingram. Tiny Real Player versions of the ads.
Vital Statistics - Ad Age
Advertising Age   article. "Estimates of the dollar size of each segment of the interactive industry."
What Happens When the Spots Come On
The Impact of Commercials on the Radio Audience - a 21 page report by Arbitron, Media Monitors and Coleman

Advertising Agencies on the Web

Alt Terrain
"collaborates with advertising agencies, media planning companies, and PR firms to implement amazing Alternative Media, Guerilla Marketing, and Experiential Marketing initiatives that profoundly connect with consumers, ignite word-of-mouth, and build relevant brand experiences."
Chiat Day
Creators of the Energizer Bunny, the Taco Bell Chihuahua, and campaigns for the iMac, Levi's, Nissan and Kinko
Leo Burnett
This is their international site. Many good examples of TV commericals in QuickTime and print Ads for products in the US, Europe and Asia.
Martin Agency
Clients include Coca Cola, Yellow Pages, Wrangler, Kellogg, Saab
Young and Rubicam
Brand Science is an essay on branding that may be useful for undergrad reading assignments. Case studies found under "Perspectives" includes pdf versions of new ads.